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Our system will randomly and temporarily assign you a unique email for a period of days burner after. The bitcoin centų konverteris messages received on this monetų bazės kiti mainai address will be displayed directly on our mailonline web page in chronological order from most recent to oldest.

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We are a high-quality disposable email service also known as fake email. Our service works on all existing resolutions as well as the following types of mobile devices: Iphone 7 8 X 11 12, Android samsung xiami nokia oppo oneplus, tablets and computers.

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Our HTML5 programming makes our email service the lightest on the market. A low-speed connection is sufficient to use our temporary email services.

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Easy to use, open your browser and you are ready to go. Message bodies are displayed in plain text mode and not in html code. We added a custom code to make the ahref url links is clickable.

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Our website uses the https security protocol to ensure that your mail is not intercepted on your network. The communication is carried out in imap with an ssl security certificate. Your emails are well encrypted on our servers and are destroyed after 1 year.

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No IP address is stored on our servers and we use the cookie system which makes your email communications anonymous and secure. We offer you a quota of MB for all of your emails, which is more than enough.

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Future option We want to translate the site into 45 languages so that anyone can use our service in their native language. We want to gradually add additional free options to our fake email generator service.

We want to allow you to easily change your temporary email address on request, choose the name and domain of your future email, choose the expiration time of your emails before their destruction 10 minute email, add an API, offer the service under tor.

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